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Accelerating Leadership Opportunities for

Women of Color

You know the figures—of the Fortune 500 CEOs, only 24 are women. Of these, only one is a woman of color. Why so few women CEOs? Well, lack of role models plays a big part.

Instead of lamenting the lack of role models, we decided we would be the role models and support women accelerate their path to leadership.

Traditional leadership programs didn’t serve us well.

So we designed our own.

We’re a mother-daughter team at Stanford applying our inter-generational learning from our experience in global health, medicine and journalism. At the Yasmin Leadership Academy we’re teaching women to design their leadership voice, creating spaces at Stanford and beyond where women can engage with academic and industry champions who share our goal. 

Whether you're taking that first career step, or a seasoned professional keen to expedite your leadership, or an industry leader inspired to champion women leaders, let the Yasmin Leadership Academy help you accelerate your success.

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Moonshots and Milestones

With individualized coaching designed to strengthen your voice and presence--we're in your corner.


Diversity within Diversity

Champion corporate strategies that elevate the multi-dimensional, intersectional lives and talents of women leaders.


Poets and Professors

Build your team, engaging thought leaders around purposeful story-telling--
and good food.


The Happiness Habitat

Corporate wellness programs that promote strength of identity, purpose and self-care.



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As fellow at the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute, I’m converging my professional accomplishments with my life-long commitment to gender equity. My two decades in global health and award-winning activism for women have proven to be the perfect grounding for this goal. I coach women in corporate and community settings to accelerate leadership pathways. With deep insights from my role as advisor to global leaders at USAID, the Gates Foundation and experience in public relations at Burson-Marsteller, I’m applying new design strategies to create leadership opportunities especially for women of color.


As an Emmy-award winning journalist, author, medical doctor and director of the Stanford Health Communications Initiative, I apply unique skills and perspectives to enable women to reach their full potential. With medical training from the University of Cambridge, journalism at the University of Toronto and having served in the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service, I frequently report for Scientific American and as contributor to CNN. With insights from my professional and personal journeys I support individuals and institutions committed to gender diversity. Through my teaching role at Stanford and scholarships that encourage young women of color in the creative arts, I continue to spotlight the extraordinary accomplishments of women navigating environments of
gendered inequality.

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